Google launched a super-cool analytics tool recently and it’s bursting our minds. Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin designed to give you insights on how people find and use your site.It helps you understand how your site is doing, what to do next, how to make improvements and monetize your content with data from multiple Google tools.  

Why Should I Install Site Kit?

 • Site Kit makes it easier for you to verify site ownership through Search Console which requires no need to paste a code snippet on your site to prove you’re an owner and makes it convenient and easy to access relevant stats directly in your WordPress dashboard to save time.  

• It helps you make informed decisions quickly. Cross-product insights, Google Analytics, Page Speed Insights, AdSense are combined into a single, intuitive dashboard. This is the easiest way to install and manage Google products on your site in just a few clicks. Your customers can get important information about how their site is performing right in your own dashboard. You can pull stats from the plugin dashboard and display stats natively in your platform’s UI. If you work on a plugin or hosting provider, Site Kit provides a scalable, easy way for your users to provision and access key Google tools and metrics. 

Get started with Site Kit 

How cool is Site Kit? Will you be installing it? What kind of reports do you require in your line of business? Get in touch with us, we can tell you more about Site Kit and other cool tools that will enhance your digital marketing and digital reporting experience.