TikTok, one of the most recent apps to join the other bosses of mobile apps up there at the top with its fast growth and sporadic download rates is the first app to break past the 2 billion downloads figure since January 1 of 2014, only five months after reaching 1.5 billion download figures.

Proclaimed the social media sensation of the lockdown, The video-sharing platform allows its users 15 seconds to one minute of fame. Its no wonder how it was able to surpass Facebook and WhatsApp as the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app.

Having successfully amassed over 2 billion downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, leaving it in the same category with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, the sporadic rise of TikTok and its Chinese version, Douyin, has been said by some to be as a result of the CoronaVirus pandemic which has left people all around the world bored and in need of new possibilities as well as fast entertainment especially among young people. TikTok’s popularity could also be as a result of its closely guarded algorithm that produces the app’s opening dashboard and makes it so that you don’t need a lot of followers to go viral.

Unlike Snapchat, its home screen searches for new clips rather than pushing already popular ones or that of people you’re following.

The widely popular video-sharing app developed by ByteDance continues to thrive, gain popularity, as well as clock more revenue despite earlier suspicion from the U.S.

TikTok even surpassed WhatsApp’s 250 million downloads in Q1 of this year with its own 315 million downloads, also the highest number of downloads for any app in a quarter. It is used by a varied group of people, from celebrities to doctors and nurses in health care facilities to bemused parents stuck at home with their kids to teenagers in love, TikTok is home to all of the lockdown frivolities.